Bedford - South Corona

Your Personal Oasis


Living at Bedford means living in a home that truly inspires, and there’s nothing more inspiring than adding your own personal touch. From greenery to decor, here’s our list of ways to make your home into the ultimate oasis.


Do Multifunctional

With home as the new headquarters for every member of the family, it’s never been more important for furniture to serve more than one purpose. And a great way to put this in action is to use furniture with built-in storage. From coffee tables and benches to ottomans, you’ll find all kinds of space to fit your needs, whether it’s a place to relax or spot to store toys, art supplies and school accessories. And you’ll be just as stylish as you are organized. Discover more.


Go Bright

Bright colors are more than just fall accents—they’re a big part of how you experience your surrounding environment. And a few fun shades of red and orange are sure to bring some much-needed life to any area of your home, especially your workspace. Try adding bright-colored accessories, artwork or furniture to not only turn up the energy but also spark your passion for work, home and family. Because when it comes to inspiration, we could all use a little boost. Learn all about it.


Make It Green

Outdoor gardens are nice, but sometimes you just want to bring a bit of that nature vibe inside. Luckily, all you need to get started is some natural light and, of course, your plants. For a seed-to-green approach, start a container garden using a seedling starter kit and watch as your herbs and flowers flourish. Or simply plant some established vines and succulents in an eclectic array of planters and hanging pots, making for an atmosphere that’s beautiful by nature. Take a closer look.


Taking It Outside

With so much time spent inside, these days we all need a little outdoor escape, and it’s all about making the best of your backyard. You can start by making room for gatherings with swinging benches, tables and seating for that perfect alfresco lunch. If you’re looking to relax, consider a comfy hammock for unwinding afternoons, or take a fun approach with lawn games for the whole family. To top it all off, just add a fire pit for endless good nights and s’mores in the spotlight. Read all about it.


There’s never been a better time to make your home your personal retreat, so get inspired, get moving and get started!

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