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Best Everyday Ever - Bedford
Bedford Corona shopping pop ups
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Good Times Included

Say hello to a fresher than fresh community. Where explorers can roam with the best of nature. And every day is the full experience—connected, true and thoroughly in the moment. This is a place where inventive minds naturally come to play. A one-of-a-kind community made up of spaces and places with purpose. Dive in, be inspired by the journey and color outside the lines with us.

Hudson House

Bedford’s original hub for all things active and social, The Hudson House has become a destination in its own right. A place to gather, swim, celebrate or just chill. It’s the perfect spot for classes, pop-ups, big (or small) parties with more new experiences on the way. Take a look around.

  • Kids' Park
  • Sidecar Bar
  • The Lounge Outdoor Dining Area
  • Resort Pool
  • Quiet Pool
  • Children's Pool & Spa
  • Lawn Games
  • Hammocks
  • BBQs

The Shed

Our newest resident activity hub, The Shed will bring you fresh new ways to get fit, relax, connect, gather or all of the above.

  • Event Lawn for Movies
  • Yoga and Play Lawn
  • Performances and Small Soccer Field
  • Flex Fit Shed
  • Fit Play Park
  • Salt Water Lap/Relax Pool
  • Pool Deck with Shaded Grove and Wading Pool
  • Outdoor Dining Room with Art Lights


This is the coming together of big ideas and provocative thoughts around wellness, art and social connectedness for the community of Bedford.

Woman stretching before yoga

Bedford Well

We're bringing together local instructors, coaches and fitness gurus to introduce a new outlook on how community and wellness can cohabitate. Think rotating boot camps, aerial yoga and strength-training classes at The Shed. We're bringing a fresh new perspective of what a focus on wellness can add to your quality of life if it's built into the foundation of where you live.​
Bedford mural and people

Bedford Art

We believe the place you live should spark your senses, bring wonder back to the forefront and make every experience more vibrant. Imagine colors and shapes configured in ways you've never seen before. And having it all designed by locally scouted creatives—from art teachers and muralists to trending Instagrammers you know and follow.

Bedford Life

Get ready for a mix of new ways to connect and inventive ideas that will help create a place that breaks away from the norm. We're talking culinary pop-ups for resident foodies. Training workshops for dog parents. Sunrise yoga at the Hudson House lawn for those zen seekers. Excursions for adventure enthusiasts. And holiday celebrations with a twist.


Bedford is a fun and engaging community that spurs you to get out and about. We love that the community has so much to offer, so click around and explore. Or you can view a printable PDF

Bedford site map
Averly   by Tri Pointe Homes
{ Two-Story Townhomes }
Approx. 1,303 – 1,544 Sq. Ft.
Up to 3 Beds , 2.5 Baths
Models Now Open
Coda   by Beazer Homes
{ Flats & Detached Homes }
Approx. 1,535 – 1,810 Sq. Ft.
Up to 4 Beds , 3 Baths
Models Summer 2023
Ellis   by New Home Co.
{ Detached Homes }
Approx. 1,730 – 2,013 Sq. Ft.
Up to 3 Beds , 2.5 Baths
Models Now Open
Monroe   by New Home Co.
{ Detached Homes }
Approx. 1,826 – 2,175 Sq. Ft.
Up to 4 Beds , 3.5 Baths
Models Now Open
Harper   by Taylor Morrison
{ Detached Homes }
Approx. 2,466 – 2,840 Sq. Ft.
Up to 5 Beds , 3.5 Baths
Sales Hub Open | Model Debut 4.1
Harper Park

A place to pause & play along the Bedford Loop.

Garden Stop

The perfect place for a quick break along the 1.4-mile walking loop.

Entry Arbor

An artfully detailed garden that will allow residents a short cut to Bedford Marketplace.

Entry Arbor

An artfully detailed garden that will allow residents a short cut to Bedford Marketplace.

Bedford Loop

This 1.4 mile paved walkway takes you through the community and up close with nature. As Bedford grows…so will The Loop. We see a community 5K in your future.

Bedford Marketplace

Get ready for a market, coffee and shops and eateries just minutes from home. Drive through the main Bedford gate or walk through a hidden garden to go for a bite, get your nails done, or pick up an Acai bowl.
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The Shed

The Shed will be our newest resident activity hub. With pools, yoga and game lawns, the Flex Fit Shed, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces and more, this will be your new favorite place for just about everything.
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Hudson House

This is the original resident social and recreational gathering place with a resort pool, children's pool and spa, gathering spaces, bar, outdoor dining area, lawn games and a kids' play park.
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Dog Parks

The perfect parks for your pup, with dedicated space for big and small dogs. This is a great place to meet your neighbors too.

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